APC is the only center in Namibia that can heal people through music therapy with a sound bed, musical instruments like; Harp, Violin, Cello, Flute, and some gongs, Raindrop- pipe, and a Brass – bowl from Asia.

Under the sound-bed bottom, 30 metallic strings are t tightened and tuned in F-major; under another sound-bed 30 metallic strings are tightened and tuned in B- flat major.

F-tuned bed – heals pain
B-flat tuned bed – heals mental

Success stories from our clients

He walked 10 km from his farm to Tsumeb in order to visit his sister in the location. His sister waited and waited on his arrival but instead of the brothers’ visit, she got a message to quickly come to the Hospital. She found him sad and mute, his tongue could not move anymore. After 1 week lying in the Hospital without success, he was transferred to the Oshakati State Hospital where he stayed for days. After 7 days he got the message that they couldn’t heal him, he had to accept that this is part of his life. His family could not accept it and brought him to the social worker who asked APC to make with him a music therapy session. It took 9 sessions (days) till he could speak fluently Damara again.

The statement came from the Tsumeb State Hospital – Isaak is healed through APC – Music Therapy.

I experience more happiness in my life and it has changed my life a lot – music therapy. I was on a major depression order but this therapy has done me better and it has changed my future more. My heart was full of fear and anger but now, I feel better after my healing sessions. I used to forget things but my memory is way better now, I am very much happy and thankful. May it continue (Music therapy) for others as well to receive this healing experience I have experienced.

Rozy was born with a heavy deformity. That is why she could not make any game activities with other kids. She suffers from under the nerves pain which attacks her whole body. Only the morphine injection could ease those painful attacks she experiences from time to time. During her work hours in APC; she received these attacks, she cried out loudly, and no movement was possible, as her whole body falls in pain. APC music therapy team carried her to the music therapy room and laid her on the sound bed where she received her first session. After 45 minutes, she was totally happy, with no pain in her body.

Music Therapy heals: migraine, back pain, releases stress and depression, helps people who are under Chemo- Therapy to reduce depression, by addiction of drugs and alcohol, muscle pain, abdominal pain, as well as Alzheimer, Parkinson and Autism

The idea of music therapy goes back thousands of years. Music was suggested as a way to benefit the human body in Ancient Egypt, China, and India. In kids; it has a mosaic effect which increases the intellectual capacity.

On a very hot day in November 2022, a strange lady appeared in APC and asked for the leader, Ms. Lis Hidber. After greeting, she stated that Tsumeb must be a noble and a rich town. She walked from “Villa Africa Guest house”, through a road decorated with red Flowering Flamboya – trees, right and left. No wonder why she felt this town (Tsumeb) must be so privileged. “Okay”, was my answer, and I pleased her to enter in my car to show her the other Tsumeb (the parts she hasn’t seen). First, she was talkative, but after Kuvukiland, she was mute; she saw the shebeens with a lot of drinkers and excessive noise, half -dressed girls leaning on fences waiting for customers, young boys fighting, playgrounds full of rubbish and little kids crying after their mothers. We arrived back at APC, the lady said; that she will change her traveling plans. Instead of driving to Botswana, she would show a new Music- subject: MUSIC THERAPY, which will make us experience wonders. This is what she is doing in Switzerland; the lady who introduced this is: Ms. Brigitta Hutter.

We are having 3 categories for the payment:


  1. N$ 50. 00 – for those without job


  1. N$ 170. 00 – those with stable good income


  1. N$ 350. 00 – for those with medical aid

Cash payment directly to the APC office or through swiping in the office or to Dr. Robert after a session of 1 hour Music Therapy or directly into the:

StandardBank / APC Tsumeb

Branch: Tsumeb

Code: 084773

Acc-no: 04 164 4157

Swift code: SBNMNANX Namibia

Arts Performance Centre

Tsumeb Office Contact Details:

Tel: + 264 67 220 511




Ms. Lis Hidber (Director): 081 2582 520

Social Worker: 067 224 33 (2)/(6)/(8)