We highly thank you for your support. If you would like to know more about our enterprise, feel free to pay us a visit, work with us or to sponsor us. 

The below attached are the contact details through which you may reach us.

Tsumeb Secretary:

Ms. Narisha Neidel

Tel: +264 67 220 511

E-mail: apctsumeb@gmail.com


Managing Director:

Ms. Lis Hidber [APC Tsumeb]

Cell: +264 81 258 2520

Tel: +264 67 220 511

E-mail: artslis@mweb.com.na


Oshikuku Secretary:

Ms. Demetilia Kasuupulwa

Tel: +264 65 254 721

E-mail: apcoshikuku2020@gmail.com


Managing Director:

Mr. Andreas Sh. Wedeinge [APC Oshikuku]

Cell: +264 81 272 7206

Tel: +264 65 254 721

E-mail: apcoshikuku2020@gmail.com

Banking Details

APC Tsumeb

Acc-No: 04 162 4157

StandardBank Tsumeb

Tsumeb Branch: 084 773

Swift Code: SBNMNANX

Raiffeisenbank CH

Acc-No: 38580 0060 6

8887 Mels SG Switzerland


IBAN: CH94 8080 8007 7404 8560 1

Financial Performance of Arts Performance Centre

Arts Performance Centre runs on a system that is transparent, effective and responsible for its results. In this regard; APC’s finance is controlled through four (4) stages.

1. Every teacher writes a Lesson report which the students sign after every lesson.

2. Whole daily bookkeeping is done by the secretary which makes it much more easier to budget.

3. The APC board controls the ovaerall finances of APC through Ms. Ritha.

4. Through the state control, Ben Mouton. APC’s finance is audited and this is where we receive our finance directives