APC is a center where art is performed, learned, and taught by a multicultural and socially mixed community.

Arts Performance Centre (APC) is situated in the northern part of Namibia, where hundreds of kids, and young adults build on their house of life.

Most of them are from very poor origin, where they live in shacks and can barely free themselves from underdevelopment caused by the system [poor become more poor, while the rich become more richer].

APC, has seen the need of grooming and making a difference in the lives of so many young people who actively participate – dance, make music, play drama, make visual-art, discuss trending youthful matters with each other or just play games; those with eyes feel something great is going on.

The fascinating creativity full of life which stand at the beginning of every
human development. In APC’s dream of a better world, it concretely expresses the borderless creative potential of girls and boys.

We [APC], believe in the energy for a positive transformation which inheres in art and creativity.

The experience in APC teaches us that this energy is able to transform an individual, as well collectively into a new life style, and this makes us proud and happy of our well-known success; as a job creator and employer, music and arts school and as a designer of a meaningful leisure time.

The children and young adult’s abilities for a creative expression shall be
transformed into visible, audible and tangible energy;

we do this with an animating way of education to perform arts, as we host about 300 to 400 children participating in the APC programmes, everyday.  

After the entrance the drummer greets everyone with a warm welcome

Violins and know-how for Namibia